Evgeny Voyenski was born and raised in Moscow. His professional photography career started in the late 80’s, when the “Perestroika” years, made him actively work as a photojournalist. Art projects are something he does in parallel — he creates artistic photographs in black and white, manually giving it a tint with a special dye.  In the mid 90’s Evgeny opened his own advertising photo studio, specializing in portraits and product photography. His close collaboration with some of the world’s top publishers led to hundreds of publications in magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and others. Being a product photographer for years, Evgeny drove up his mastery of shape and texture close to a fanatic perfectionism. This seriousness could not stay in the shadow in the eyes of big advertisers, so the Evgeny photo studio has since participated in creating ads for the most famous world brands. One can hardly name a single producer of the top 10 companies (Unilever, Coca-cola, Mars, Procter & Gamble etc.), before which Evgeny hasn’t revealed his professional attitude. His work has been praised and awarded several times, most notably with a gold medal in “Epica” in 1998 and the bronze medal in the “Cannes Lions” in 2014.  Nowadays Evgeny shares his time between Moscow and Berlin, where he tries to get inspired from both cultures.

          Agencies: Ark-Tompson, Bates Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, D'Arcy, FCB MA, Grey, Leo Burnett, Lowe-Adventa, McCann-Ericson, Ogilvy , Publicis, Young & Rubicam 

          Clients: Actimel, Brooke Bond, Calve, Сoca-Сola, Compaq, Danone, Delmy, Dove, Fairy, Ford, Gillette, Heinz, Ikea, Indesit, Jacobs, Kit-Кat, Lucky Strike, Maxwell House, Milka, Oral-B, Oriflame, Pall Mall, Pantech, Pepsi-Сola, Peugeot, Renault, Rexona, Rothmans, Samsung, Snickers, Vichy, Viceroy, Winston. 

         Magazines: Vogue, Elle, GQ, Playboy, l’Officiel, Marie Claire, Men’s Health. 

         Awards: 1999 - Epica (winner) with the brand "Snickers" (agency: BBDO-Russia Group) 2014 - Cannes Lions (Bronze) with the brand "Myllyn Paras" (agency: Depot-WPF)